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Bug Bounty And Ethical Hacking Certification Course Key Course Highlights Learn to find security bugs and earn bug bounties ranging from $500-$10000 per bug. About Instructor : Aditya Janu have secured companies like Mastercard,Symantec, Transferwise,Hubspot,Skyscanner and many more. Bugcrowd Profile : Key Course Highlights: Taught By Ethical Hackers Friendly and one to one online live teaching Hands on with ethical hacking 24 hours support Mentors to keep you motivated Certificate Around 30 lectures Constant adjustment according to student feedback. Lifetime guidance and support from us. Course Structure Module 1 : Cross site scripting (XSS) Cross site request forgery (CSRF) Indirect Object References (IDOR) Brute Forcing Attacks Module 2 : Sql Injection Attacks (SQLI) Exposure of sensitive data Sensitive token exposure Module 3: Broken Authentication Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Business Logic Bugs

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Aditya Janu
Aditya Janu

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